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when do they get elijah back from marcel season 1

Elijah then managed to convince Marcel to release Jane-Anne's body to him, in exchange for Elijah sending Klaus to heal Thierry's hybrid bite, hoping that returning Jane-Anne's body to the witches would be a sign of good faith to buy him some time to convince Klaus to embrace the baby and Hayley into their family. Elijah rebukes Marcel to be careful about who he trusts. Marcel walks up to Elijah and Elijah tells him he now knows Klaus didn't kill Aiden. He then snapped Gia's neck, after she had accepted Marcel's offer to become a vampire and drank his blood, and Marcel told Elijah that she would need a mentor when she woke up, one he hoped would be Elijah. After Marcel killed Jane-Anne Deveraux for performing magic, her sister, Sophie, arrived to collect her body so her remains could be consecrated and properly laid to rest. Since the Mikaelsons' return to New Orleans, Elijah and Marcel have worked both together as allies and against each other as enemies. Marcel asked him who did it. They kill his 'daughter' and then kill him. When comes between the two, she asked the latter go, including Klaus, he then asked why, "because that would be justice for your family", he then states that they were his family to, then Elijah literally ripped his heart out his chest and through off a bridge, trying to justify his unspeakable actions against his former adopted family (Marcel was clearly, disregarding the fact, that the only reason why former adopted uncle tried to kill him, was because he was threatening the Mikaelson family, as well as acting more like an enemy then a member of the family) although Elijah did look somber for a moment, he refused to show Marcel any sympathy, showing that while he clearly once deeply regretted what he did to Marcel, the latter's treachery against his family has greatly reduced such feelings, just as Marcel is getting ready to bite Elijah and affect him with his venom again, Klaus, after being freed, stabs Marcel with Papa Tunde's blade, saving Elijah's life. With Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt, Phoebe Tonkin. Elijah interrupts them before Aya leaves her card for Marcel to consider applying for the Strix. From there, Elijah began homeschooling Marcel in various subjects, such as teaching him to read and how to play the piano. Overall, we would say that The Originals season 5 episode 8 was the perfect way to see Elijah get his memory back. We all know that that ship has sailed, but poor Marcel doesn’t know that yet. We also get to find out exactly what Mikael did do in 1919; Hayley snags a Crescent cure out of Celeste; Elijah kills Celeste; Marcel brings Davina back to life; Monique is a bit less of a cunt. He served the Mikaelsons without any power since the end of Season 1. In Farewell to Storyville, with Rebekah now saved, Elijah, upset about the fact that Rebekah had been exiled from New Orleans, angrily banished Marcel from the Quarter, only allowing him to leave with his life out of respect for his only sister. This doesn't sit well with Elijah when Marcel breaks the news to him. Thanks to this fake uprising by Marcel, Tristan now trusts Marcel enough to induct him inside the Strix's inner circle. Elijah and Klaus arrived just as Kol had killed one of the actors for getting the dialogue wrong, and they were so upset that Kol nearly killed and turned Marcel when he was still a child that they daggered Kol, both in punishment and to protect Marcel. Who would ever have thought that Davina would save Klaus Mikaelson? Then Elijah asks Marcel to make him forget his family for their own safety. That night, Elijah broke up a fight between Marcel and Klaus and insisted to Marcel that if anyone would be teaching Klaus a lesson, it would be himself. Marcel, still wanting Elijah to take the newly-turned Gia under his wing, sent Gia with Elijah to go visit his friend Lenore, a witch who owned a convenience store across the river. Only three days until The Originals season 1 begins, but to tide you over, we have another clip from the premiere. Elijah takes Gia's violin and Marcel lights the bodies on fire. Will Elijah attempt to talk some sense into Klaus? He believed that Hayley and her baby could heal the scars that have plagued his family. Elijah and Marcel's relationship began in the 1800's after Elijah's brother Klaus adopted Marcel into their family when he was a child. Marcel mocks Elijah saying that he gets nostalgic in his old age. If he becomes healthy again, he will be on a mission to eradicate Marcel and punish Rebekah. He was always there for her and promised to always protect her. Additionally, we really didn’t believe Marcel could come-up with a plan to outsmart Niklaus Mikaelson. The 2016–17 United States television season debut of The Originals was pushed to midseason, which saw the fourth-season premiere on March 17, 2017. Ungrateful. Marcel then responds saying that Elijah should know who his friends are and that he is going to need them. Despite the strain in their relationship, Elijah was sympathetic to Marcel over his dismay that Davina no longer trusted him and gently encouraged Marcel to fight for Davina's trust back. Elijah remembers with him the first time they met. Marcel helped him get in contact with Davina in hopes that she could use a locator spell to find the stake, but when Davina figured out that Klaus and Elijah were involved, she refused, which led Elijah to the realization that Davina had the stake the whole time. He invited Marcel to watch some actors perform Hamlet in the courtyard,complete with the compelled actors killing each other with swords, and fed him his blood so that he could be turned into a vampire like the rest of the family. Intimacy Levels Hayley and Elijah discovered Celeste was at one time a Deveraux witch and is probably responsible for putting a hex on Hayley's family. Elijah saves Klaus from Marcel and although he is quickly overpowered, Klaus saves him and captures Marcel, imprisoning him in the same cell Marcel put Klaus in. ... We dive back into Elijah's flashback/hallucination. My guess is Hayley will try to get information out of Celeste or force her to release the hex on her family. In Beautiful Mistake, Elijah, Hayley and Marcel ally together to go to the Strix's party in order to get Marcel inside the Strix. Elijah later confronts him and kills him, which starts Marcel's transition into the Beast. No. Rebekah was born in Mystic Falls along with her older siblings and younger brother. Nickname(s) The Originals, a one-hour American supernatural drama, was renewed for a fourth season by The CW on March 17, 2016, by The CW's President, Mark Pedowitz. They go out for a drink. Were Family, Adoptive Uncle/Nephew (Elijah/Marcel); Ex-Good Friends (Currently Frenemies), Former Allies/Enemies; They were partners, Elijah betrayed Marcel by letting Freya Mikaelson use Davina Claire in a spell, Elijah killed Marcel (as a vampire), Marcel bit Elijah infecting him with an incurable wound as revenge for killing him. While growing up, she was very close to her family especially her older brother, Niklaus Mikaelson. © Copyright 2021 HNGN. He and Elijah made a deal, where Marcel would help Elijah find the missing white oak stake in exchange for Elijah allowing their community to continue. Also, how much will Rebekah be able to move with those pesky werewolf bites? He is also quite determined to keep both Hayley and her baby safe from harm… But, how do they get Elijah back after he was compelled. You don't suppose they've found a way to kill him once and for all, do you? Only three days until The Originals season 1 begins, but to tide you over, we have another clip from the premiere. In Every Mother's Son, Elijah went to Marcel's apartment to ask for his help in finding a cooperative witch who was willing to do a soul-branding spell on Esther. They later worked together with Hayley, Aiden, Oliver, and Josh to help rescue the teenaged werewolves who were about to be forced to trigger their curses by Finn. // -->. However, isn't Celeste ridiculously powerful at the moment? This destroys Marcel and Elijah's broken friendship even more so. This was painful in all of the ways that you would want it to be … not that we wanted it to be painful. He invited Marcel to watch some actors perform Hamlet in the courtyard, complete with the compelled actors killing each other with swords, and fed him his blood so that he could be turned into a vampire like the rest of the family. You don't get to kill kids, I don't care if they come back. The Following Season 2: Will Lily and Ryan Team Up to Take Down Joe? 2 - How does Elijah plan to keep Klaus away from Rebekah and Marcel? 1 - Where will Marcel and Rebekah hide out? He's: Lost in a 1v!!! However, Kol's return to their life resulted in several tense encounters between the brothers, which came to a head when Kol decided to test Elijah and Klaus' loyalty to him. Contrast that to Klaus, who even though Aurora was working against him he couldn't kill because part of him will always love her. Originally I wasn't going to bring in Freya into the story at all but when it was made clear no one wants Hayley, I had to improvise. Here are my questions from "Long Way Back From Hell": No. Camille opens up to Marcel about her fear of losing Kieran. The relationship between the Upgraded Original Vampire Marcel Gerard and the vampire Thierry Vanchure. 7 years after the Hollow gets split among siblings, Freya find a way to bring them back together? Elijah was later daggered by Klaus and given to Marcel as a peace offering to try to regain his trust, in hopes that Elijah being taken out of the picture would reassure the vampires who were nervous about the Originals returning to town. Elijah resisted Marcel's attempts to convince him to mentor Gia at first, but after a disastrous dinner with his mother and eldest brother Finn - during which Finn told him that he had accomplished nothing in a thousand years but bloodshed and violence - ultimately decided that he wanted to help Gia learn how to embrace her new supernatural abilities. During the episode, there were also many flashbacks to 1821 experienced by Elijah, to a time when he and Marcel had a much stronger relationship. ... We dive back into Elijah's flashback/hallucination. In The Axeman's Letter, after confronting Tristan about a possibility of a threat headed Elijah's way, Elijah goes to Marcel and asks him to keep tabs on Tristan to try and find out what exactly Tristan and the Strix are hiding. | Facebook/CWTheOriginals. That night, Marcel revealed to Gia that his goal was to help strengthen their new vampire community by getting Elijah to appreciate it as well, in hopes that he would eventually come to see all of them as his family. Elijah reintroduced Klaus to the magical and deadly blade just as Klaus was planning to kill Marcel and use the blade on Rebekah. Essentially, New Orleans is doing great. ; Questions to Review 'Fly Away Elijah watched this exchange go down from afar and was troubled by Marcel's rule of their former home. Elijah was surprised to see Marcel in the. Klaus knows what Marcel and Rebekah did, the two lovers are on the run and Hayley knocked out Celeste. 1 - Where will Marcel and Rebekah hide out? The Vampire Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Currently, the two maintain a prickly but tolerant working relationship while they rebuild their vampire community following their loss of control over the city., He despised us. Elijah later suffers and starts to die from his bite. Directed by Jesse Warn. However, since Esther and Finn were ruling the town through control over the witches and the werewolves, Marcel, as a vampire, still risks death on sight by the aforementioned groups if he returns to the Quarter. However, Marcel, knowing that Sophie knew more about why Jane-Anne was doing magic than she let on, took possession of her body and told her that she could get it back if she told him what Jane-Anne's plans were, even despite Sophie's argument that Jane-Anne's spirit wouldn't be able to find peace unless she was entombed in the cemetery. Out of all of the Original family, he was the one she hated the most. How will Marcel react to his authority being challenged and Henry being killed? Marcel attempts to fight her off, which ends sourly for him being Aya has centuries of fighting experience over Marcel. In Ashes to Ashes, they lay Gia's body to rest with two other bodies. Marcel tells Elijah that he truly loves Rebekah and that they need to get to Klaus before he learns the truth. He shows Hayley their families history by entering her mind and then convinces Klaus to accept both the child and Hayley. Elijah Mikaelson is an Original Vampire and the deuteragonist of The Originals Fanfiction.He is the third eldest child to Esther and Mikael.He is the youngest sibling to Freya and Finn, the oldest sibling to Rebekah, Kol, half-sibling, Niklaus and adoptive sibling, Sophia.He is also the adoptive uncle and godfather of Danielle and maternal uncle to Hope Mikaelson. He played second fiddle to Klaus, did all that was asked of him. Sophia will be in a difficult situation as she falls for Klaus' enemy, Marcel. Despite this, however, Marcel refuses to bite Elijah again and kill him in favor of killing Klaus and later on he admits that he believed he only gave Elijah what he deserved but came to see that putting down Elijah didn't do any good as Davina is still gone. Yes, he was our friend; yes, he was our family. The Originals Season 4 Finale Was Absolutely Filled ... and they got back together with nothing to stop them. Seven characters who originated on The Vampire Diaries died in its spinoff, The Originals. Marcel seems rather reluctant and not at all relishing over the fact he gets to help in destroying the Always and Forever vow but in the end accepts, and with Vincent's help he erases Elijah's memories. Read our full recap below on tonight’s The Originals season 1 episode 8 to find out if they … Hayley Marshall: I guess that is what I get for trusting a vampire. In Live and Let Die, Marcel and Elijah teamed up to teach the new vampires how to fight against werewolves after an attack at Marcel's apartment, knowing that another confrontation between the two communities was inevitable. Hayley and Elijah met in New Orleans in the first episode of the show, when Elijah discovered that Hayley was pregnant with his brother's child. Then, they get their smoochies on. Marcel watches Elijah and Aya's reunion distastefully before Aya lets herself out of Marcel's loft. It was then that Elijah realized that his relationship with Marcel was having a negative effect on Klaus, and decided that Klaus' bond with Marcel was more important to Klaus' future happiness. And how have all their lives changed? The Hollow states that Marcel is, despite having defeated Elijah, deep-down afraid, even terrified, of Elijah, which Marcel responds aggressively towards. Then, they get their smoochies on. "The Originals" airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. Season 1 [] Pilot [0.00] [] Rebekah: (caustically) Well, the French Quarter witches are not a lot to be trifled with. Genevieve showed interest in Klaus back in 1919 and it seemed that she still is attracted to him 95 years later. The two ultimately ended up working together to get a witch to cast a protection spell on her, which allowed her to come back to life after Klaus compelled Timothy to poison her. Despite his anger towards Marcel, however, Elijah trusted him to take care of Rebekah and leave with her to escape Klaus's wrath. In Give 'Em Hell Kid, Marcel is fed up with the Mikaelsons destroying everything he loves. No. Smith, was created by Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson.The Vampire Diaries ran for eight seasons (2009-2017) on the CW and introduced the Mikaelsons, the first family of vampires known as the "Originals." Also I won't be updating this until I write out all the chapters for season 1. Okay, I'm doing a rewatch of Season 1, and have just finished Episode 19, and I'd forgotten just how baffled I was at Marcel's behavior at this point in the series. No.