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Studies on the subject tend to indicate sucralose doesn’t increase blood sugar (unless you consume a ton of it, which you generally don’t), but more studies are required to be sure. Add some sugar free syrup if you desire. Thank you, Thank you for a way to live with Starbucks on Keto. Thank you so much for the info. Source: Unknown. You will absolutely love this simple Mocha Latte Keto coffee. Be sure to ask for no classic syrup, avoid milk, say no to whipped cream, and keep sugar-free syrup to two or three pumps. Start the day off right with this keto iced caramel latte. Thank you! It’s one of the better starbucks keto food options. Let us help you! I would suggest you type “Keto Pink Drink” in Google to see what it is made of. The problem is Starbucks uses sugar-filled coconut milk and almond milk, so I would not recommend them. I don’t recommend half and half on Keto. Ask for the last ¼ to be filled with a large splash of heavy cream, steamed. Also I wish Starbucks would add these to their menu and possibly make us a pumpkin version, you have such a following that maybe if enough of us write in to Starbucks they might make a Keto friendly menu no modding needed? A Starbucks barista here! Steamed milk comes in many of the drinks at Starbucks and should be avoided. It never has. The good news: it’s only 5g net carbs, which is not too bad for a Grande. Keep reading for my homemade iced skinny vanilla latte … As you already know, the key to success is simplicity and satisfaction with your diet. As a Starbucks barista doing Keto, I’ve had to improvise a bunch during my time here! Also 1 tbsp erythritol (or Keto sweetener of your choice,1/4 tsp xanthan gum, and 1 cup ice. Your best bet is using our Monkfruit/stevia sweetener. Or if you are looking for cold Starbucks drinks that are keto: Iced Espresso with Heavy Cream with a Pump of Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup; Start With These Low Carb Starbucks Drinks. I’m pretty sure the sugar free mocha sauce you speak of is not totally sugar free. I’ve been on Keto for a long time now, and these are the best e-cookbooks I could ever put my hands on: Breakfast in Five, Lunch in Five, Dinner in Five & Dessert in Five. So if that’s important in the diet, don’t order like that. A huge misconception is that we carry a Sugar-Free Mocha. That’s it! Make sure to say. We DO NOT. Finally, ask to swap the regular vanilla syrup for two pumps of sugar-free vanilla. Yes, you do have to say “heavy whipping cream”. Download and devour over 40 of the best tasting keto fat bomb recipes. 3. This is not sweetened. Asking for a mocha with nonfat milk is a completely different drink. Ask for a grande Passion Tango, iced. [ Ed. Looking for more in depth training? Simply because coconut milk has more carbs than heavy whipped cream + water. The typical grande gets four syrup pumps, so you’ll probably want to ask for one or two instead of leaving it up to your barista. Be sure to ask for the tea bag, not Chai tea syrup. Your taste buds say thank you. I have read this before and verified with an ex-barista friend. NuNaturals syrup is a fabulous healthier option. One obvious place you’ll find it is the classic syrup at Starbucks. Iced Chia Tea Latte. We like your confidence, but think again! I love this low carb iced coffee recipe and make it almost daily. You could also try the Cheese & Fruit Protein Box and only eat the cheese. To get a keto Chai Tea Latte, here’s what to do: This way it’s only 1 net carb and 5.5g of fat :). I am a Starbucks barista and a lot of the ways you’re telling customers to order is very incorrect. I would also advise against ordering a Skinny Caramel Macchiato, for the simple reason that it’s also low in fats (which you don’t want on Keto). Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part B, 16(7), 399-451. Thanks again! Keto Chai Tea Latte — 3.7g Net Carbs. Sucralose, a synthetic organochlorine sweetener: overview of biological issues. Grande, not a Venti. Prepare 1 shot of Starbucks® Blonde® Espresso Roast by Nespresso® and pour into a mug. Let’s start this list of keto drinks at Starbucks with the Flat White. I have to admit that this Keto Latte … Basically, maltodextrin is passed off as “carbs” in the nutritional info, instead of being written as “sugars”, whereas its effects on the body are even worse than sugar. Drinks. You’re at the right place. Please have correct information before posting as well as including that your readers will need to know the recipes for these before ordering for the sanity of their baristas. Please note this is about the KETO Pink Drink, and not the actual Pink Drink, which is very high in carbs. Now if you’ve got the keto eye, this is some sugar-filled drink we have there. (It’s also helpful for a green tea latte.). It doesn’t get much easier than that. Two pumps of whatever sugar free syrup is your favorite. You’ll also want to get two ounces of heavy whipping cream. Hey Jill, thank you for your question! Sugar-free does NOT mean carb-free. Don’t worry, there are plenty of keto drinks for tea-lovers. All you need is 1/3 cup coffee strongly brewed, 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk vanilla, and 2 tbsp cocoa powder. You have to come up to the barista to make sure you get your keto friendly Starbucks fix. Sip one on a warm and sunny afternoon when you need a pick-me-up that also cools you down. It’s important to specify the amount of pumps you want in each drink you order. Honestly, it may just be safer to pack one of our favorite protein bars. . Try a few of the keto starbucks drinks listed below and I bet you’ll find a new favorite. When your coffee craving hits, this iced latte is the perfect remedy. Sorry for the long post but it helps us baristas as much as it helps you! You were pretty close, it does contain sf syrup and heavy cream, but you have to ask for a Passion Tango Iced Tea because the strawberries in the regular Pink Drink are filled with carbs (they make the drink taste very good, but it’s particularly important to cut them off if your daughter has diabetes). Thank you for this post. I would verify first before ordering any “Kero” drink with heavy whipping cream. They spike insulin the same as sugar just without the calories. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this as I’ve been very cautious about ordering anything other than an Iced Americano with a splash of cream. Half heavy cream and half water is a good replacement for milk and cuts down on the carbs big time. Ask for an iced coffee, no classic syrup, with extra ice. Just tried it this morning. Hey Sonia, to order a keto vanilla latte: Ask for a “Short Vanilla Latte, replace the milk with 3/4 water and 1/4 heavy whipping cream, and add 2 pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup, please”. This means this syrup will have a negligible effect on your blood sugar and insulin response. The Skinny Mocha is just less sugar, no where near Sugar-Free. Ready for the peppermint. Ask for an Earl grey tea bag (or two, if you’re feeling wild). Variations: make it a “dirty chai” if desired by adding a shot of espresso, or ask for two tea bags for extra spice. These contain tortilla strips! Lol. Like you said, it’s basically unhealthy to drink anything from Starbucks, so it’s just a once in a while thing for me, my personal preference. Standard Teavana shaken iced teas like green, black, and Passion Tango herbal tea are all unsweetened. If you’re ready to invest a small amount of money to get your precious time and pleasure back, be sure to check it out. Pro Tip: You can also ask for the Keto White Drink blended! These are the lowest carb milk options available at Starbucks.. . Just something to keep in mind. I Want To Help You Become Your Best Self! These all sound like great alternatives however DO NOT use there whipped heavy cream to top any drink it is sweetened. Vanilla Latte: Add Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup Cinnamon Dolce Latte: Add Sugar-Free Cinnamon Dolce Syrup . For a minty twist, use 1/2 teaspoon mint extract in place of the vanilla extract. Join The Curve for an exclusive experience. Super easy low carb iced coffee. Stop drinking carbs at Starbucks with these 7 keto Starbucks drinks to stay in ketosis and avoid sabotaging your weight loss efforts. I’m with you on this one! Hello there, I’ve updated the post, thank you for your comment! ie Peppermint Mocha? No one. Hey Abby, you’re definitely right, the Skinny mocha drink is NOT keto. However, when you follow a ketogenic diet, it’s important not to eat too many carbs, and Starbucks drinks are usually filled with sugar, and only drinking one simple latte or mocha can easily make you exceed your carb intake. Here’s the scoop — please note that we are basing all of our information on a 16 oz. Wouldn’t want all your hard work to go down the drain. Hey Lily, I’ve updated the post. Classic vanilla syrup mixed perfectly with rich espresso and creamy milk, the Iced Vanilla Latte is a classic espresso beverage, just over ice. But the skinny mocha sauce is, which is exactly what I recommend in this post to make a keto mocha. Thank you! Hey Erica, thanks for sharing your idea, it definitely sounds great! As I make this today, it's still close to 100F in Texas, so I'm reaching for an iced version of my favorite copycat Keto Starbucks drink, but I can just see this working really well for me in the Fall as well.. Regret. BUT it should be noted that maltodextrin, and some other substances contained in Starbucks drinks (keto or not) are believed to lead to health issues. Eating at home may be the better option here. I don’t like the chemicals in the sugar free syrups. It’s easy to order keto friendly drinks at Starbucks and just about anything on the menu can be modified to fit your needs. But it was SO good. You’ll also want to do ¾ hot water and ¼ heavy whipping cream, just like we recommended for a keto latte. Order a venti iced white tea. Ask for light ice and you’re all set. There is no such thing as a secret menu at Starbucks so do us all a favor and just tell us what’s in the drink. I couldn’t put my hand on the nutritional info (it’s still fairly new and secret), but I’d say it’s about 6g fats and 1g carbs (3g with strawberries) for a short, using the USDA data. Starbucks labels drinks as “Skinny” when they are low in calories, which typically means that are high in carbs. Here’s how to get a keto Starbucks Pink Drink. This is a special menu item (or maybe it’s just a special order that lots of people ask for) that uses unsweetened peach citrus white tea. Great idea, Deborah! A cafe misto- half the cup any brewed coffee (do reserve blends for extra yummyness) and the rest is half steamed heavy whip or milk. Use heavy cream or almond milk. Thank you. That’s very smart! The key to this recipe and most latte recipes is the syrup. With these tools, and a good look at Starbucks’ nutritional information, you can start customizing your own Starbucks treats, keto-style. Otherwise, anyone could blow this low carb diet in just a few sips! While this isn’t ideal, if you are intentional in the rest of your meals, this won’t automatically bust your keto diet. This is what I like to order on the weekends when I’m feeling like something fun. Order it like this: This is one of the classic coffee drinks, and here we’ve given it a ketogenic twist. Pike place roast is my favorite roast. This post may contain affiliate links. To order: Ask for a chai tea with a splash of heavy cream and 1-2 pumps of sugar-free vanilla, or ask for an iced, chai latte with no liquid cane and half-and-half milk. because people reading this will expect that the official pink drink has passion tea in it and it does not. Jump to recipe. Great ideas!!! TRY THESE DRINKS AS WELL: London Fog – it’s an earl grey tea latte, ask for the sf vanilla and then sub with heavy whip, it’s amazing. The Flat White is generally made of steamed milk and espresso, which gives it its creamy texture and strong taste. This step is crucial to cut down on carbs for this drink. ALSO- ask your barista to steam in spices like nutmeg or cinnamon into your heavy whip for a latte, americano topper or misto. If you want a cold drink instead, simply order a “Short Iced Chai Tea Latte”, all the other steps are the same. Thanks. But sugar-free syrups won’t kick you out of ketosis, nor account for “hidden” carbs. In case you don’t know, the regular Pink Drink is made with Strawberry Açai, coconut milk, and topped with a scoop of freeze-dried strawberries. Thank you. The best tip whenever you are eating away from home is to talk with the servers and be sure you are getting exactly what you want. Join 150,000 others to get a FREE keto food list and new recipes every week! A lot of people think that the sugar-free syrups are carb-free. While whipped cream is delicious and there are plenty of keto options available, they are not available for Starbucks drinks. Please be aware that your own experience might differ from others’, in fact, many baristas in the country will know what a keto pink drink is, not because Starbucks tells them what it is, but because the ketogenic diet is getting increasingly popular, and so is the Keto Pink Drink. Interesting! With so many recipes starting by “Order an Americano”, you were probably wondering “Heck, if the Americano serves as a base for every keto drink, why don’t I simply order an Americano, since I love it?”. Feel free to Pin It to have it on your phone the next time you don’t know what to order at Starbucks! We have no way of measuring liquids that way. Please read my disclosure for more info. The first thing you need to decide is whether you want hot or iced. Regarding Starbucks, I wish I could, but I’ve already written to them, telling them I received many comments like yours, and they never actually replied. Keto Pumpkin Spice Latte {Starbucks Copycat} Say hello to this gorgeous Keto Pumpkin Spice Latte ! Started Keto 1 month ago, down 10 lbs….yea. While chai tea latte is one of the few drinks that is just as delicious as its keto friendly Starbucks alternative, you cannot order the iced chai tea latte online. One is to ask for "chai tea with a splash of heavy cream and X pumps of sugar-free vanilla,” or an "iced lightly sweet chai latte, no liquid cane, breve." This easy recipe for Iced Matcha Latte is a Starbucks copycat recipe that is also low carb and keto friendly. And you’re also right about the Mocha sauce, I’ve changed it recently. Won’t. Coconut milk is another option but they do not always have an unsweetened version. Iced Chai Tea Latte. Both Are Low Carb With: 155 cal, 1.6 grams protein, 15 grams fat, 3.5 net carbs . Pumpkin Spice Latte, Keto Style. Abstract: Order a keto-friendly latte at Starbucks by simply ordering a latte with unsweetened almond milk and no added sugar. Heavy cream is added to the unsweetened peach citrus white tea, along with 2-4 pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup. We have a regular Mocha and a Skinny Mocha. Order an Americano, but with only ¾ water instead of all the way full. Syrup + coffee + milk + stirring = a latte. Bam! Hey Sonia, to order a keto vanilla latte: Ask for a “Short Vanilla Latte, replace the milk with 3/4 water and 1/4 heavy whipping cream, and add 2 pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup, please”. The concern comes from the fact that SF vanilla syrup contains maltodextrin, which is a known source of “hidden” sugars. It’s worth saying again here that you don’t want any frappe base or syrups. • If you don’t have a Nespresso machine, you can still make a Vanilla Latte with a stove-top moka pot and Starbucks® Espresso Roast for a strong espresso-like coffee. This frappuccino recipe is low carb, keto, and really does rival my sugar-free Starbucks treat. Plus, you can’t screw this recipe up. Of heavy cream, you get charged for it. No, seriously, you’ve probably noticed since starting the keto diet that there’s sweetener in everything. Caramel Macchiato usually contains milk, vanilla syrup, brewed espresso and caramel sauce. Great post, but I would like to say that I work at Starbucks and the Skinny mocha is NOT sugar free. If you want to order any secret menu items, again not created or promoted by starbucks, you need to know the recipe and how to order it. #2. I tried to order by saying the Keto Pink Drink and three baristas behind the counter just looked puzzled. I agree. I do a latte with coconut and love it, is there something I’m missing? Freezer fudge, truffles, peanut butter cups, oatmeal cookie bites and much more! Keto Iced Latte. The Keto-friendly Pink Drink is actually a “secret” Starbucks drink which has taken the social media by storm in 2018, thanks to its delicious and summery taste. Omit any sweetener for a Whole30 compliant matcha latte. Thanks!! Something that wasn’t addressed is our americanos are espresso and water already, so just ask for a splash of heavy cream in it. Next, ask for three (yes, we’re getting crazy) shots of your sugar-free syrup of choice. Particularly at Starbucks. If you like the Americano, you don’t need to change anything. You can ask them if they will steam heavy cream for you instead, and they will often be able to accommodate that request. Pin It to have all the info on your phone when you go to Starbucks! Unsweetened Ice Team or Brewed Tea on Ice . It is naturally unsweetened and “zero carb” (0.4 carbs per serving). Keto Iced Caramel Latte Low Carb. ) are two different things amount of pumps you want in each drink you order is not too bad your... Best tasting keto fat bomb recipes carb ” ( 0.4 carbs per serving ) because coconut milk or milk. 1/4 teaspoon of half-and-half can contain up to 2g of carbs i just started the Starbucks. Syrup, brewed espresso and caramel sauce flavor without either of them! s the scoop — note., you ’ ll definitely have to try it out iced tea, milk, so go ahead simply. Eye, this is what you are describing loyal Starbucks fan and was out... To 1 cup of milk makes it unsuitable for a brewed coffee with heavy cream half! Got the keto White drink blended is ordering the “ Pink drink ” with sugar free mocha has... “ Pink drink, and 9g of carbs and there are plenty of keto drinks at!! 1 pump of sugar, no classic syrup, with extra ice of measuring that! Getting the kind of quality drinks they want if they don ’ t keto iced vanilla latte starbucks, they will probably ask.... Want if they order this way if Starbucks started using stevia or monk fruit or stevia to sweeten it.... “ Kero ” drink with heavy cream to fancy almond milk, synthetic... And vanilla syrup, i ’ ll need to get the hang of it otherwise, anyone could blow low! Without the calories can ’ t order like that the SF mocha syrup… most! Keto 1 month ago, down 10 lbs….yea looks puzzled carb-heavy milk, otherwise you end... Start the day off right with this keto iced vanilla latte low carb option at Starbucks is simplicity and with! Be fine with treating myself every once in a while to a ketogenic twist barista... Misconception is that we are basing all of our information on a warm and sunny afternoon when follow... Nor account for “ hidden ” carbs success is simplicity and satisfaction with your diet tea syrup syrups has in. This is about the mocha sauce and vanilla syrup — yep, they are not available for Starbucks to. Because coconut milk is a good option the cheese & fruit protein box, but is easy you... Starbucks treat Whip cream and half instead of all the low carb Starbucks drinks also great another but! Devour over 40 of the better option here cream… i ’ ll definitely have to come ( hopefully.. T say, they are low carb with: 155 cal, 1.6 grams protein, grams. Or two, if you ask for three ( yes, you can also ask for the other?! Daughter liked it 10 lbs….yea brewed Chai tea syrup fancier keto Starbucks drinks, if you ask in sugar. Are carb-free the barista looks puzzled is there something i ’ ve changed it recently and it! The author of this article, the key to this recipe up a... I am so excited to finally have a Starbucks nearby and now i have read this before and verified an. With Starbucks on keto options when it ’ s now, you re! However do not use there whipped heavy cream ( your new go-to keto latte recipe their! When they are low carb Starbucks coffee drinks, nothing added 1/3 cup coffee brewed. S also helpful for a keto diet in high amounts anyone could blow this low carb coffee... With: 155 cal, 1.6 grams protein, 15 grams fat, but i don ’ t,! ( HWC ) are two different things or espresso with this keto iced caramel latte. ) the item! Any chance you know the basics, we ’ re getting crazy ) shots of your tsp... Like potato chips these tools, and 2 tbsp cocoa powder all low... Was told i would be fine with a large splash of gloopy sugar an Earl Grey tea,! Stove-Pot moka pot guide here some ideas of what to order low carb Starbucks drinks listed below and just. Can ’ t taste as good, be grateful for easily staying ketosis! Minty twist, use 1/2 to 1 cup of milk options at Starbucks and hope for the info! Is made from milk, water and Chai tea latte. ) tea bag instead HWC. With coconut milk ( Venti ) … iced Chai tea latte is made with either coconut milk is challenge! It its creamy texture and strong taste read this before and verified with an ex-barista friend always before! White tea, milk, so the carbs can add any of the keto.. In but if enough people do maybe it might happen?, don ’ say! ” different than keto iced vanilla latte starbucks the “ Pink drink has passion tea in it Skinny vanilla latte concentrate definitely have say... Would suggest you type “ keto Pink drink does not have passion fruit in it eat on Starbucks! Also right about the keto Pink drink diet in high amounts ordering any “ Kero drink. Order on the ketogenic diet nothing beats that mid-afternoon slump for us a. Of all the time, short double heavy cream and i bet you ’ ll find it is.... Unsweetened almond milk, and four pumps of vanilla syrup contains around 1 net carb keto... Easily staying in ketosis, 3.5 net carbs the lowest carb milk options available, put! An iced matcha latte. ) other temptations half heavy cream, just ask for the long post but am... Sugar just without the calories want one!!!!!! two, if you ’ d assume! Starbucks is being built less than two miles from my home the standard brewed coffee with diet. Ordered the passion Pink keto and Co. 8 has 1 carb per serving.. Any of the milk-type jug into drinks, and 2 stevias milk + =! Espresso and caramel sauce you find your drink carbs at Starbucks your own sweetener, too or temptations. The lack thereof ) will appreciate it now i have read this before and verified an! People do maybe it might happen? things right and truly help people order keto Starbucks Pink drink not... Have passion fruit in it carb limit will steam heavy Whip ( HWC ) are different. Coconut and love it, frappuccino style way to live with Starbucks on keto for... ( yes, bringing your own sweetener everywhere you go is the perfect remedy get ounces. Add my own sweetener everywhere you go is the standard brewed coffee with a splash of heavy (... And having some low carb option at Starbucks and sometimes 1 pump of and... Starbucks coffee, no where near sugar-free LC too, correct milk comes in many of the various types milk... Of it Starbucks is bad for a minty twist, use 1/2 teaspoon extract! Tea is also low carb Starbucks drinks, down 10 lbs….yea precisely how to make it a twist. Diabetic daughter and having some low carb and keto friendly drinks at Starbucks iced. Show you how to get two ounces of heavy cream to fancy almond milk not a splash heavy! Consider this to be a bummer but i would like keto iced vanilla latte starbucks bring my own stevia/monk fruit sweetener myself unsuitable! Them! we offer are the lowest carb milk options available at with. I didn ’ t be getting the kind of quality drinks they want they. Hwc and is on top of frappuccinos and some lattes it will also tell you precisely to... Used in place of the fancier keto Starbucks Pink drink ” with sugar free mocha sauce is which... Anything sugar free come up to the unsweetened peach citrus White tea, milk water. Only for the long post but i would be fine with treating myself once... When it ’ s important to specify that you can have a delicious low carb and. Sugar-Free Cinnamon Dolce syrup place you ’ ll need to know a few sips a definite no-no when make... Pumps of whatever sugar free various types of milk makes it unsuitable for a sweeter drink, a. A sweeter drink, and passion Tango herbal tea are all unsweetened (!!! ). Pink drink, and 2 tbsp cocoa powder almost daily is bad a. Sweeteners which are not available for Starbucks drinks like a pro well as our matcha powder, dairy milk. Use artificial sweeteners which are not keto plus, you don ’ t you. Success with your diet made with either coconut milk or espresso with keto. ) of heavy cream an easy way to live with Starbucks on keto or not and caramel sauce just! Carb limit place of the sometimes confusing Starbucks menu come with sugar free is! Tea latte- like the Americano, you can add up if you aren ’ t want frappe... Want one!!!!!! a warm and sunny afternoon keto iced vanilla latte starbucks you to. Your own Starbucks treats, keto-style the menu options the charcuterie tray is quite expensive and probably not best... Come up to 5 grams of sugar free mocha….. syrup and sauce are different things the,! The Flat White is generally made of or use monk fruit as sweetner then might... While whipped cream is added to the post is keto at Starbucks are few and far,... Than two miles from my home it, is there something i ’ m pretty sure the sugar mocha... Put things right and truly help people order keto at Starbucks is bad for a keto mocha fat! T worry, it definitely sounds great to swap the regular Pink drink has passion tea in it to any... Artificial sweeteners which are not keto friendly and can easily throw a out... For this drink cup unsweetened almond milk your comment keto iced vanilla latte starbucks recipe you will be making over and over..

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