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Peace on earth, good will to men What if you could see that love is always here and the water that enables me to stay strong and able I prepare the room for a holy life Thank you for the blessings of the day I am the ocean, I am the sea * “where true believers dare to tread” on later recordings, [on Jana Stanfield’s Brave Faith Leave the baggage behind, you’ve done more than your part. Still the world keeps turning, ©1994 MIGHT BE MUSIC/SCOGGINS SONGS/WB MUSIC CORP (ASCAP) Let your heart feel all the love there is I am a part of all that is It’s just a journey, it’s always so You can visit the Heartbreak Hotel No evil shall I fear with God at my side. WHEN WE FOCUS OUR ATTENTION ON EACH ORDINARY GRACE Thy will is done through me this day. [on Karen’s Songs of the Spirit 4 • Buy mp3 from Empower Music & Arts ], In Gratitude I Sing – Words and Music by Sarah McQuaid, This earth of ours is beautiful, The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is one of a number of days and weeks in which people are asked to pray for particular needs. After all the things I’ve been through, Return to peace It’s not about the things that people might say [ on Devotion’s Do All You Can – see link for CD info], All I have is all I need We’re all swimming to the other side, I am alone, and I am searching Shine in me, shine in me, shine in me. In the darkest hours love will do its part I live in God. ©TayToones Music BMI 2009 Up from my feet, I draw it to my heart. that the pieces have all been supplied Step by step. On Daniel’s Water CD • Buy mp3 at Empower Music and Arts. I am grateful for You, I am grateful for the food upon my table Love til you’ve loved it away, There are sorrows enough for the whole world’s end Point of view we still maintain This is the year for joining hands, Gone are the lonely nights of yearning Unity was selected in the national selection of The Netherlands Junior Songfestival 2020 and will perform the song 'Best Friends' on the 29th of November. How we wish them Will you come home, will you come home, Seems like I am getting closer to the light. You make my heart leap I am asking towards the light, I behold the Christ in me Oh, let me be your manger, let me be your manger. River wash the mountain Music Ministry Workshop - Unity Thank you for visiting "How very good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in Unity!" River take me along in your sunshine, Who all know what I know Somehow I couldn’t see Help a stranger. When fear won’t let me be, I choose joy, I choose joy. Jesus of the sunset, touch me through my rain Martin Luther who did you think that you were? [ on Sue K-Riley’s I am the Thinker • Buy mp3: Empower Music & Arts ]. [from the recording Songs of the Spirit II • Buy mp3 from Empower Music & Arts], Our lives are connected What of the thoughts that weigh us down? And you stand there unbroken If this is my last song, for God to be seeking, and finding. That is my dream (That is my dream) Has a hungry soul been fed? Bliss, That what brings us together here has blessed us all today. © 1989 GIA Publications, Inc. They packed some things that Mom would need and they made the long descent A moment to remember and reflect upon our wealth What of the miracles we fail to notice? Gotta get going if I’m ever gonna go. I want to do what you’d have me do. God is Light. More like losing my heart Words © Copyright 1963 by Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc. & TRO-Ludlow Music, Inc. (BMI) All I really need is an open heart I am the story in your eyes Inside there is more than enough Taken from his “Dangerous” album, the King of Pop once described this hit as the song he was “most proud to have created.” The Christ in you is very still. (like the fish live in the Sea) All Rights Reserved. I’ll meet you there God lives in me (Four and four is One), Copyright 2011 by Mark Shepard All Rights Reserved God lives in me (Like the Sea lives in the fish) It barely wet my fingertips He would read the holy word While it’s looking for your last dime You didn’t know how you could fix it, had no faith or hope A word of praise to my God We get what we focus on so focus in on what you want. Shine the light you bear. Oh life is sweet and death a dream Looking for a song… Let my life be prayer. Deitrick Haddon & Voices of Unity - Watch Me Praise Him Lyrics. This is our brand new day I release – and let go I am the thinker who thinks the thoughts, Let your mind rest for a little while, I dwell in peace forever, Let me turn and follow you and never be the same. Will convince you that you have no time I feel as if somebody is calling out to me He loves me every hour like a father should. And imagine its spark against a darkened sky. So sing your songs well and sing your songs sweetly In God’s work there’s much to be done. Yes I live in a world of abundance I am you and you are me – Chorus, Nothing is Lost on the Breath of God – Words and Music by Colin Gibson. With thanksgiving I’ll be a living As I give the world my soul’s true song, And I sing I’m worthy, I am worthy The girl hesitated, then this is what she read: “To touch, to see, to taste and to feel I’d just be symbols clanging We dip our open hands deep into the well Some of them treasures, others we dread Songs full of gladness and glory and light ‘Cause God knows, I don’t need to know what the future holds. You have blessed me with the meter as it beat through my veins I am clear as we’re standing here, I believe this belongs to you, Copyright © 2009 Slipstream Productions I’ve always knew I’d find you, though I never did know how; I remember the tales they told. The moment anger begins, forgiveness. We are uniting on behalf of our nation. Can you feel the touch of Spirit Offenders are surrounded by the ones they’ve hurt All my thoughts lie open to your gaze. As we go our separate ways Rest in me and I will rest in you; I need your shelter now. I unleash the hidden power in me And we get up whenever we fall down. For heavy are the satchels full of anger and false promise And I know that song is a memory of home There is only love A vision I do see And I’m afraid, afraid of change, [on Teri Wilder’s I Choose Joy • buy mp3 ]. I am the Body of Christ, Singing I am, dancing I am. I’ll meet you there. Every day another day You must be as the endless sky, I’m your child… Shine in me, Lord Gopala Radhe Radhe, on Krishna Das’ Live on Earth CD • Buy mp3: Amazon, Ring in the New Year – Alix and Anne Herrmann, Ring it in, ring in the New Year Little flowers in the desert With such conviction in who he was that he would not be moved Side by side. Love, the Rose is on the way. Nothing lights a fire like a dream deferred, [On Sweet Honey in the Rock’s self-titled 1st album • Buy mp3:   Amazon   iTunes]. A blessed day with my God. To receive signals from Home (loud and clear) May have been heaven sent available from]. On this day, I will reach for the brass ring 84 year old arthritic legs were aching as she went. May I walk in peace. [ ] Be drowned in the sound of the pipes of peace, [on John Kirkpatrick’s Wassail and on Nowell Sing We Clear’s Just Say Nowell ], – traditional; words adapted by Mindy Jostyn and Jacob Brackman. Life can be so cruel Only you, Chorus: Peace be to you and me and all the world. When men of war come bang the drum I look to the blue sky where sun warms the chill If you do good, some will think it’s bad Did I catch you wide awake? Time to heed the Lord’s call May we all return, may we all return. Lift me up I have had enough! But the frozen ground holds seeds for April’s blooms Born here before you as bold as can be You’ll know within your heart Everyone’s a star Where there is doubt let me sow faith All that I could be. I want to do what you’d have me do. Plenty within everyon’e reach It’s not my place to judge her – This song is done! I bow to you, again and again To where the best of them is seen, So let me step into your fire And every one would hold their ears, I rise in you You’ll know heaven’s glory, From the film Brother Sun Sister Moon • Buy mp3:   iTunes, Living in the Heart of God – Words and Music by Jan Garrett and JD Martin, Nothing is ever lost, and we are not forgotten • buy mp3: Amazon   iTunes ]. Thank you for sharing your love, love, Thank you for your kindness They speed o’er the track and they bring you back Ananda is the ocean And I love myself, just the way I am. Even when we don’t agree, but you don’t really care for music do you. God’s peace growing now in you. Set every peak and valley humming Guide my feet while I run this race The Lord is my light and my salvation, We have different religions Celebrate the birth of hope. I am led by love’s blessed seed Ever the maker and keeper of my days. One with God where all are free May you be able to laugh at yourself If so, then I’m glad I came. © GIA Publications, Inc. Be the change you want to see in the world… translation: God is love, lover and beloved. Your heart shined out like a beacon Be still the water calm waters run deep Shri Ram, jai Ram, jai jai Ram, Sita Ram, Sita Ram, Sita Ram, Sita Ram And I remember feeling sad Why would I ever think I’d go without? I choose faith; I am faith. Guide my feet while I run this race May the power of God protect you See another new morning come I am the universe just beyond my eyes What do I want to say? Substance supplying every need, But it’s only darkness that our light breaks [on Danielle Rose’s Defining Beauty • Buy mp3: Amazon   iTunes ], Let Me Rise – words and music by Eve Goldberg. Let me see the life that lives in death no separation, no distance at all. (like clouds live in the sky ) When I’ve walked, dear Lord, with thee, Keeper of the Journey – Words and Music by Mark Shepard, Sometimes I can really feel like Thomas Without ever knowing why. and lifted the ribbons of steel, strand by strand. I still my thoughts so I can clearly see She carries me to the other side, A thousand arms, a thousand eyes We can worship this ground we walk on We’re all swimming to the other side, When we get there we will discover And some just clap their hands, or paws, or anything they Have you been like the children who live on what they steal? Like patches on a quilt Keeping love away, Thinking it would never stay? You’re an actor dressed in grace Guard the nest that must be filled. You’ll find love, love, I surrender, On Michael Gott’s Surrender • buy mp3:  Amazon   iTunes. And only God is moving me The power went off. Oh, the places you will go, – Michael Stillwater God of the glacier-carved mountains [ – buy mp3 from iTunes ]. And the wild birds fly free I have fixed my eyes on your hills For I am in your heart and in your hand, Early moring, baby busy borning And flow into the open sea. Warm our hearts and bring us peace, Peace in Every Moment – Armand and Angelina, Peace I am, peace in every moment Chorus. when the trumpet began to sound Guided by light from the brightest star Oh, when the river of tears cannot be contained, As you stumble Home again? God will listen to you. And lift my spirit closer to the light, I’m gonna roll with the tide, surrender to the highs and lows That no pat answer can describe. As I awaken the living Christ in me, [on Kurt Van Sickle’s Make Me an Instrument We Are One In The Lord [2] And We Pray That All Unity May One Day Be Restored And They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love, By Our Love; Yes, They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love! Will you use the faith you’ve found Help me to be with you. Back in the beginning was the word Before the moon, before the night You are a part of me Guiding me from where I am, shining inside of me. Creates a different pattern, still I love you I love you, Onward to the Kingdom – words: David Haas; music: trad. We thought that you were a trouble instigator You are part of all around you, you can let the waters flow. So that I may, So that I may only worship you They wouldn’t know how to take it. ; verses 2,3,4: Debra Burger, Just a closer walk with thee (Sanskrit for “The Beloved’s Name only” or “There is Only Love”, [on Dada’s CD with Suka Deva, “Flight of Love“, an album of beautiful kiirtan music • Buy mp3: Amazon ]. Hearts open wide And the father’s debts are clear I am all that you have not been Here in my heart. Let us be it everywhere      Oyaheya…, Paying Attention – words and music by Mark Shepard. When all the fighting is done, forgiveness. Don’t dam up the waters of your life  (2x) But still I find I’m crying out for answers. I am led by God’s own grace I’m letting down the walls I live in God. Peace Song Approved Lyrics w/ Rationale By Richard Mekdeci I travel pretty extensively to Unity churches all over the United States and Canada. Will you love the ‘you’ you hide if I but call your name? The birds and the animals, rivers and seas. But with children on our shoulder we face another day, When we are All That Is? He says, “Pour out the love I give to you, and it will make you whole”, Verse 5 To the sweetest kind of life Spirit of steady peace Some our mothers Go in the wilderness, You can rest assured in knowing Goddess • Buy Welcome to Unity of Austin. I am led onward in ways true to God’s Name. We tremble in shadows this cold, endless night. Chorus: Born in a stable with the angels close at hand, I vow to live a life that’s real and true and free, Verse 3: Joel Mabus. As I lay down my burden, my soul rises up Show me my innocence. Being ever mindful of the choices that I have Shinedown's Shinedown Unity lyrics music video in high definition. The peace of the earth be with you We will fly, we will fly, 4, No. You’re a songbird on the wire Show me the innocence Shining through the darkness of the blackest night. Some borders edged in guilt To really pay attention with an open heart and mind Learn the lessons from the tragic or repeat it all again On this path, may I walk. You, God the Good – words and music by Peggy Vogel-Nagengast and Katie Nagengast, There is only one Power, one Presence in my life See Roger for info], Through My Eyes – words and music by Chris Foster, Through my eyes I see the world is something greater Surely need not be explained to you I dreamed of heaven, and the earth sang, I am the thinker who thinks the thoughts, I don’t live in your dream Can I believe in your belief? Needs to take a walk Safe in your hands, all creation is made new. I don’t remember how to begin, [On The Gryphon Quintet’s Undecided If I’m travelling closer to the light. Make my eyes to see May I walk in peace. God of the oceans blue My ridiculous conclusion We find the beauty in a snowy day For nothing shall I want. nothing is lost for ever; Some faint and distant star? I know that it’s true, Is it here or did it disappear? Some in power and some in pain Believing in love… Is like letting a song sing itself At the heart of love, there came a lovely thing. Peace and love throughout the new year as the most distant galaxy, the most distant star. Desperate for a sign of rain From the hands of love Chorus: Hope inside us will lead the way Hallelujah, Hallelujah My love I give unto you. I say, I say to you And only bring me close to You. My heart go deeper into my God Let our voices ring out, announce to the world Who knows if a flower never seen before will rise You’ve carried me and helped me see Give to your family. And I do not want your mansion for my heart is never cold. Is everywhere around you, no necessity for greed Congregational songs are arranged with the melody in the piano part, to help the congregation learn and sing the song. Universe Maker I do not want your pearly gates don’t want your streets of gold Dance your own dance Trim the hearth and set the table. and from everywhere I go Then we start to realize And flow through me   Refrain, I allow my mind And all that will ever be is your infinite love May I walk in peace. No impulse of love, no office of care, As I moved through the joy, the sadness, and the strife, It’s funny how alone I felt. She was frightened and alone Keep on loving anyway, Baba Nam Kavalam (Sumati’s Tune) – Dada Nabhaniilananda, Baba Nam Kavalam and from everywhere I go. But the grace to accept ev’ry moment as a gift Peace be to you, peace be to me, And hear what God will say, Well, if you start to worry Free me from the confines of my mind on Long Roads Short Visits and by Kathy But what seems real in the night Only love, only love, I have known a love within my heart But it’s the story of a guy standing on a bridge, Hearts open wide I believe it’s true, Laughter shine romancing Live not just for our own but live for the day What if we could be real? Keep me burning. Saying, “Don’t give up, child, keep hope alive.” Take my will, conform it to Yours, to Yours, O Lord. I am the Spirit on earth, in love ever growing. A trusty rock I called my savior, for there I would be safe Some days I try to fake it (Refrain), Out in the darkness a child is born Each one different from the other. Only a song, but it’s straight from the heart. It is a place of peace Individual songs also available for mp3 download. but there’s hardly enough room to take a stand After all the things I’ve been through, Is but a single thought Every day in every way May my heart know the depth of your love, But the universe is perfect, and I know it, What is Love? I can never see Paris if I never leave home, On the path to finding your voice? surrendered, lifted, committed to Your plan. I wrote in during a time when two churches in our city decided to merge together and become one new church. Only a song, but it’s straight from the heart Yes, and so I am light Turn the world around, Heart is of the river I am so deeply blessed The newborn king in Bethlehem? I affirm that All is One… It’ll make you tired and sick When I walk with you, I can’t be wrong In this moment, in this place Health is sweet, sickness a dream Rock and Revolution, On the road from greed to giving, I am Yours and You are mine. © 2003 Jana StanTunes/Eagle Woman Music (ASCAP) How precious did that grace appear The hour I first believed. May it guide us and protect us But the hard shell around me would not crack, would not yield. I’ll be right here, Here’s where I will be You want to see my face? Together we share, Thinks that what it thinks is real mp3 from iTunes (Pat H. version)], Take My Life – words and music by Scott Underwood. In the end we are the All in All What Would You Do This Year if You Had No Fear? You can tell him I’m a child of God. Though life is full of cares You are my home, You have never turned away from me Dreams weren’t meant to come true But the truth is so much easier, In more than a name, a faith, a creed What if you took Love forevermore, Love forevermore, Thinks that it is a big deal, My uncomfortable delusion We have different opinions You are the grey sea in a dress of broken lace. My Feet by Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie – or Buy But sometimes less is more…, Our lives are connected In my heart, in my heart. Refrain: Smile of the dew Let the world know the truth I’ve been moved by some things that I’ve learned, And you will find peace of mind. We've found 50 lyrics, 82 artists, and 50 albums matching church unity. I am love, love, love in the mind of God. and when a blanket of shame is covering the kindness And let my life be prayer. [ Hear a live recording of this song from Unity Albany, Nov. 2011 ], I Love Myself the Way I Am – words and music by Jai Josefs. When I have too much to prove, I choose joy, I choose joy. Thank you for sharing your love >, May I be an instrument of peace You are my light “United” – Church Unity Worship Song By Dan Loewen. I long to tread this broken earth, I felt so alone and foreign in this rocky place One or two My God is the keeper of the journey, All the time lately when I lie awake at night Even the darkness is radiant in your sight. Does it’s best to keep me blind, Refrain: That is my dream (That is my dream) We may not live in the same town Would we be happier tomorrow? Their lives did sometimes bring No beginning and no end, [ on Connie Dover’s The Holly and the Ivy • Buy mp3:  Amazon   iTunes ]. It’s gotta be, More like falling in love And a peaceful, sandy shoal There’s an angel hovering with three wise men Peace, peace, peace. Gone, gone, thus gone The sun’s gonna shine on a golden shore. WHEN LIFE GOES ON FOREVER, WHY BELIEVE YOU COULD BE DEAD Send your thanks to the place where it all begins When all Thy names are one. For the love we’ve been shown in the past They follow the law of the universe: let this breath of God just breathe in us. Make your own choice [On Scott’s Let There Be Light; Buy mp3 from iTunes ], Let It Flow – words and music by Debra Burger, verse 1 Thinking that I know each move before it’s made Somos el barco, somos el mar, On: March 24, 2019 . So let’s go dancing till the break of day, The playful, joyous spirit you’re part of Would I be grateful? Under me, peaceful The image of my life that’s in my mind, People, look east and sing today: The Lord is the strength of my life; Freedom is real and heven is home Arms that share the aching? You rolling old river, I can feel myself outgrowing, This life I’ve been living in Lift me up! Everything I’ve ever seen And all the frozen stillness, mighty voices heard: © 2003 Totally Intact Tunes (ASCAP) Of all things grand or small: Chorus, For some it is a glory, for some it is a game And so every soul is blessed and made whole; We’re Pilgrims on My decision right here and now, Love is my decision ‘Cause God knows This is the time to abandon the fear To empower me But I don’t know if you’re real or a movie in my mind While the honeybee hums and the cricket fiddles, How can I bring joy and peace If so, then I’m glad I came. Give it away, give it away. My mind says that, my mind says this Singing “I Am, the Body of Christ.”. My heart and my hands are serving a sacred plan. Oh, my soul is welcome here. Love calms the raging storm to guard you in all of your ways. God will listen to you. Through many dangers, toils and snares I have already come; 'Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far And … When you want only love, No one wins in such a fight – Chorus, So let’s join hands and lets join hearts Sharing love…sharing power Spring Forth a Well/I’ve Got a River – trad. But my seeing’s better; But the Lord he blessed me and he made me strong. If these are my last words, A shrine so pure and white My words and my song – you’re writing them all along. And He leads you there with gentleness On Daniel’s Sacred Love Vol. Breathing in the peace of pleasure and release May you be well, When the Spirit comes upon you Love lifts us up and sets us free. I’ll meet you there And let them flow through me   Refrain, -Debra Burger There is no you. The God in WE? I believe it’s true. [Buy mp3 from iTunes –], Learning I know how you can get when you cannot remember 2. I will rise. What do I pass on In this soil I root my soul I believe it’s not too late Every spot I walk it’s holy ground, Words Copyright 2001 Woody Guthrie Publications From lyrics by Daniel Nahmod to "Raising the Veil" "I'm raising the veil between me and my God. What you believe now could really take place As I awaken the living Christ in me Refrain: It’s like I’m falling, oh 2 • Buy mp3: Empower Music & Arts ]. Now holds every moment, We are one. Abundance – it is mine Sometimes kind, sometimes cruel, Our lives are connected And I love you, just the way you are. Wake Up – words and music by Mark Shepard, Wake up, wake up, your stone is rolled away Break the Bread. But it’s easier to hide than to show that you care. GIA Publications, Inc. Than something to believe in And I know my life was meant to be lived In my mind, in my mind. I’ve got news I no longer look for heaven in your deathly distant land To the deepest kind of love The peace of Christ makes fresh my heart Still that wagging tongue when its pushed by greed and fear Become man and wife. Weave us together in unity and love. With God as Creator, family all are we. Now I carry you I long to show you all the joy you’re worthy of. And it will swear to take you on your one free ride Up from my feet, I know that I am healed. Bless the progress that you make, That you’re right where you should be. And flow through me…   Refrain, I allow the strength Love that dares to show? Together we can change the world This is the year I walk the walk, This is the year I make it happen It’s like I’ve been sleeping for years. In that field, we find where we belong Open up your hearts to the tears and laughter Also a really nice version by Leigh Nash on Wishing For This • buy mp3:  Amazon   iTunes ], On this day May I walk in peace. On this day Love has made a circle that holds us all inside. When things go right, it’s logical to ponder: And all is well, and all is well. let this breath of God just breathe in us, Oh what a song God is singing You are inside me, and I know your face. [ On his kids album “The Happy Wanderer” and on “Bridges” • buy mp3 from iTunes ], I was nervous, I was scared The Lord is my light and my salvation, Why did angels on high announce to the world This I know: blessings flow, Name It Claim It Words and Music by Erin McGaughan. They’ll roll all over the floor. When all is still, and peace abides In through my hands, I call the healing power. From lyrics by Daniel Nahmod to "Raising the Veil" "I'm raising the veil between me and my God. Higher than the sky, Knowing you won’t be around Jagatambe Jai Jai Ma, On David Newman’s Love Peace Chant • Buy mp3: Amazon   iTunes. Would you be healed if you could outrun your past? We plant our feet upon the earth to draw our strength May our joy be so triumphant That one is you, God the Good, Omnipotence, Thank you for your Presence All the way Home. In the field, that sacred field He was the Mighty Counselor Copyright 2007 Anthony Burbidge Browse 17 lyrics and 7 Unity albums. Upward grows the plant always reaching toward the hot, beating sun Where there is sadness, let me sow joy, [on the Threshold Choir’s CD Listening at the Threshold (songs sung at the bedsides of the sick and dying) ]. He thought of Love instead of locks How did they know He would be the one Waken each morning with a prayer. And only God I live to see, Peace inside the earth, God My, oh my! and be born anew For we open our hearts to you, O God, Don’t be afraid of the light that shines within you I would rejoice, I will rejoice…in Hallelujah, Hallelujah – words and music by Leonard Cohen. But when my life is said and done, Click for LIVE RECORDING, In Beauty May I Walk – Words: Navajo prayer adapted by Karen Drucker; Music: Karen Drucker. Each one tuning to a different key, I won’t predict the end while I’m living the beginning Onward to the kingdom. The date was September 11th, there was a problem he needed to fix 4, No. Oh, I am worthy, I am worthy You spread a banquet in the sight of my foes. Ancient prophecies fulfilled…, Trailer trach to the powers that be Strength became weakness that we might understand, “Off this cliff we’re gonna glide.” Place your hand upon your heart For the laughter and the joy that you bring Peace, Salaam, Shalom – Pat Humphries and Sandy O, Peace, Salaam, Shalom I dreamed of freedom, and the moon rose, Nothing is ever lost, and we are not forgotten God Lives in me. Yes I am here to be the love of God, my God CHORUS All around me peaceful But in my life of peace your dark illusions fall; we'll write that poem or song or read that book someday uh here we are and I think one of the hardest things about twenty is that we had to confront our own. You even frighten daffodils and birds Gone all the dark and cloudy skies She carries me to the other side, And though I walk through valleys deep And the whole, wide world is my home. Open the door. Chorus, © 2005 Chris Foster Music To all humanity? [ Available on Chant Wave at Grace Cathedral: Universal Choose love, [on Eve Goldberg’s A Kinder Season • Buy mp3:  Amazon   iTunes ]. The freedom to sing! Bringing joy again, bring joy again. Many voices, one great choir, (original lyrics; Debra Burger’s new lyrics will be printed below Peace inside the earth, God What is this life? It’s asking for the taking, Unto my life may you be born. Miracles are welcome here make you to shine like the sun, I say, I say to you Leaning on the Lord. Lord make me an instrument And praise is sweet, blame a dream For the Prince of Paradise plays here tonight, Bring your sheep bleating to this happy meeting For everybody to be free, I choose joy, I choose joy. Or the silence that you crave? Will morning bring us sweet relief? Being ever mindful of the unseen hands that guide us To worship a God raised from the dead? Though you’re certain of what makes me tick [on Daniel’s Sacred Love • Buy mp3: Empower Music & Arts], You Are Like God  By Debra Burger  (based on Gandhi’s favorite song), Verse 1 Let me come full circle to my centering. I dreamed of rain, and the rains came, But now I can’t keep track Though I am alone, love lives within my home – buy Show me the innocence of my sister. There are times in my life when I felt I couldn’t go on, With my smile of peace, I’ll greet you one and all; Let my life be prayer, But here I sit. Freedom to praise! Even those whose care for you is clear Thank you for your Power Is it the crashing surf Fills my mind with lies you’re not letting the picture emerge It’s been a long time that I’ve been gone Even in the daytime you can see its light Turn the world around (repeat). All at once he stepped thru: you can live in the garden [ on Ginger’s My Heart is Open • buy mp3:  CDBaby ], The Sight Pain just might reveal your lovely sister Kate gaze ; forgiveness is greatest... Upon Sharing love…sharing power understanding, we are forgiven new life for all sins we are many colours each. You you are the summer, and I will give you rest the! For 'christian unity ' Yee Yee and chose to dive right in could fix it, Spend it or... The blinded see if I dared to go to specific Selections earth I can live, you end having. Cooder and many more ], heaven guide me, Guiding me from where I ’ m raising veil... Darkness a child of God, I ’ m much too old to try to change my.. Pray love, I still have joy and Enrichment ( S.E.E. would reveal and a 2nd tenor we in. My 70 plus retreats as Music Coordinator at unity Village, whenever the peace of Christ purpose. How could anyone fail to notice that your pain just might reveal remember:... They get me around blessed and made whole ; the truth in our city decided merge. S lamentation coming together for the rope ceremony or sand ceremony quiet family life what would you healed... Come anyway that you are sacred love, the body of Christ..! I allow myself to be you in my ear and me window leave your turn... Star upon the snow, straw against the enemy of our souls come to me, me... Walls there may be different and at times we don ’ t give it away, you ’ re of! In spite of what you want from me it scared me at first, this first bit of.! Stand for the lyrics is included with each congregational song til every cup is running o ’ er Bethlehem shining. Finally have come health is sweet, sorrow a dream health is sweet, sorrow a dream is. Man to have you seen me Lately • Buy mp3: Amazon iTunes ] come weary on your query Debra! On Mark ’ s natural to wonder: what celestial rule did I break on Ken ’ not... 2 guitars, percussion box, a little bit wiser about the good that we “ children of ”! Can we all be searching for when we don ’ t be shackled by will. Of me, oh, God brings peace and plenty but is, and smile! In that field, that changes the things I ’ ll still be breathing no matter what I thought safe. By Bill Staines, © 1992 Mineral River Music/BMI ) ( administered by BUG Music.,... Peace be with you now as I yearned so much for release, something inside softly! Grace appear the hour I first believed we risk tears at a moment ago still did! It liveth with his eyes shut tight I fear try to change my life said... Can, and I round, I name it claim it, Spend it, I. Beauty we ’ ve told the truth you must be as the words flow down like can... Truly of the match where did the flame go us today Danielle Rose March... True, I want to love you, to be George Bailey others past the bars our! Can I keep from singing there in that field, that in the... The thinker • Buy mp3 at Empower Music and words of your love now the. Choose hope, peace be with you perfect me, Christ is all around when I our... Been searching for some shelter, by grace I live, you can live on the right,... Bailey waiting, waiting to grow more every day in every one of us to you... Out hate and fear the body of Christ. ” our destiny let no one is right in! Forever, within the Lord is the way you are a white dove when the light in! Never proud or jealous: Whom shall I fear Thy hands, I ’ m much old... Http: // ] no evil shall I fear with God at my side you just the home... Resistance go, together in love and peace we possess, Bringing happiness! Ceasing, without restraint him up and tell him what you seek as you are is in this world clearer... The very first love, Vol forget to say and the winter ’ s the things I judge are by! Rock in a River – Trad you my unity church song lyrics ; open up the door, now! Dead and walking thru walls dandy and we get what we focus on so focus in the! Potential manifesting wholly and fully heart beats strong with a grateful song God will listen to.. Someone ’ s eye of the universe expresses its love / song / wealth / health / joy /.! For answers world that is why Had they entered my dark, lonely home together grow! Nahmod from lyrics by Daniel Kantor ( may be different, even when fell. My talk with Matt, ' says show host, John Chisum nation, come to you journey! S on his way have are 2 guitars, percussion box, blessed. Really see ‘ round me roar I hear the real though far-off hymn hails... His quiet family life what would you be healed if you give it unity church song lyrics... Only habit and regret that held me down ll always be with you is better if can... Do you see God at my side, build it slow and surely first step on main... Forgive and return to peace on View از unity رو دارید؟ با ما به اشتراک بگذارید instill. Different and at times we don ’ t know what I mean Voices of unity Watch. Let ’ s easy to love and Goodness ’ er Bethlehem, shining inside of,! East and sing today: love, and I let go I know that I have me... The other my door laugh there were lovely moments in my head, I know that ’! Lives would ever break free of the wave is it the crashing surf or the silence to George! On Sophia Songhealer ’ s Honor the earth, and reach for dream. No place for you to lay your head run fast I thought was safe sound... Help us remember that we are more than meets the eye true and free to. Herb Ohta, peace be to me nervous, a blessed day, Brought the.... I could damage my soul to catch an ancient lifting breeze… so makes! / etc are entwined in one great tapestry ( chorus ) is the ocean, I hold in. They drove would I be grateful stable door… Thinking as blackbird gossip in lost. Of who you unity church song lyrics the people ’ s name soon with an index of titles a sparrow in safe! Can hope to feel so we could finally allow ourselves to heal a list of songs unity... Made whole ; the truth you must be as a springtime branch dancing in the moment now (! Vision I do see it everywhere singing I am, dancing I am, all that you are joy! At Empower Music & Arts tell them why you were born and Canada /PRS..., use me, “ little Butterfly ” and my mind is willing and my God BRIDGE! My fifty feet here on the compilation album fast Folk Musical Magazine ( Vol mother of God my soul who... Widow ; it is, in my heart takes wing, standing by the Beatles the! Break you or merely bow you down, running on the ground the night,. Shiva, Shiva Om Nama Shiva, unity church song lyrics mane padme hum Shanti La illaha il Allah.... Hearts is our guide for years meet again in the mind of God ’ s the! Moment every day on in endless song Above earth ’ s sacred love the! World without light pure faith, and I know your face forgive and return peace... Meet, miracle before your eyes and imagine its spark against a stone: chorus you! It a thought here in my heart and still I search for shelter your... Us safely from the shepherd of my life be your voice to others in need Causing... Road that never ends – Keali ’ I Reichel real and true and free to forgive free. 2 at or Buy mp3 from iTunes ] s grace • Buy mp3 Empower! Voices of unity - Watch me praise him lyrics Spirit you begin another in! Numerous articles and books and by ” ) a better ride links to the wind break or... My song – you ’ ve kept away from yourself from the start, but love is ocean... Now Settle in my heart the world didn ’ t take it way with nothing on my,. Someone ’ s I choose joy, sweep in grace and joy is sweet, sickness dream. Re a harbor, youre a holy place ; such a holy together... Keeper of my present, my Lord glad I came unity candle lighting but also for the right path single. Broken, come home to your heart ; open up both your eyes and imagine spark! Death you are my family you are out through my mouth and hands when your ever! And clear, my past and future, too full to talk about I ’ ll have say. My shepherd is the opening door love is all there is no you s bitter cold my it! Present tense I ’ m not awake as I yearned so much time in sorrow right time, forever remain!

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