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rabbit breed list with pictures

Domestic pet rabbits are descendants of the European rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus.There are many recognized breeds in the US and UK rabbit registries; however, many pet rabbits are mixed. You have the standard chinchilla, then the American chinchilla and the giant chinchilla. They are considered intelligent and calm rabbits with an affectionate and playful temperament, wich makes them great as pet rabbits. Weighing up to 11 pounds, they have two fur varieties: golden and lynx. They weigh about 10 pounds and have a commercial body shape. Weighing just under 10 pounds, the Rex has a commercial body type. Expected life span for Satin rabbits are 7 to 9 years, The Silver rabbit breed is another of the oldest breeds on record, these guys date back all the way to the 1500’s. The expected life span of dwarf hotos range from 7 to 10 years, the fur is short and dense and requires very little attention from the owner, Dwarf lop is another popular tiny rabbit breed. This breed was created by crossing albino Dutch, Albino Polish and a white New Zealander. These rabbits comes in lots of different colors, The English lop’s main characteristic is obviously the insanely big ears, that also makes them need large space to move around on so that they don’t step on their ears. The only draw back I have encountered in my four years of raising Himalayans is the smut. These rabbits have their origin in Belgium, where breeders tried to cross the miniature Swiss fox with the Netherland dwarf in order to create a long coated dwarf rabbit. This compact breed weighs over 6 pounds. Google the rabbit breed name if you want more detailed information about them, This handsome guy is an Alaska rabbit, they are known for their pure black fur, if the color is different then it’s a fault, as it should only be black. Breed Origin Height Weight Color Image Aksai Black Pied: Kazakhstan: 167–182 cm: 240–320 kg (530–710 lb) Black and White--- American Yorkshire: United States Or do you want to know what breeds exist? You can find various types of rabbits for pets. Also known as the “Polish” in Britain, this small rabbit breed weighs up to 2.5 pounds. I have had one of these myself, and it’s the best creature i have known, New Zealand rabbits is another breed with a misleading name, they originate from California in the United States, however they may have been bred by crossing rabbits imported from New Zealand, hence the name. This rabbit is considered a “gentle giant.”. Lionhead Rabbit; Flemish Giant; Continental Giant; Dutch Rabbit; English Lop; French Lop; Holland Lop; Mini Rex; Netherland dwarf; Polish Rabbit; American; American Fuzzy Lop; American Sable; Argente Brun; Argente Crème; Argente de Champagne; Belgian Hare; Beveren Ranking as the most popular breed of rabbit for professional shows, the Holland Lop’s adorably droopy ears and compact puffball of a body have made it a favorite of novice and experienced owners alike. Featured Image Credit: laurendotcom, Shutterstock. Possessing all the attractive attributes of fluffy rabbit breeds but with a much more easily managed coat, the Jersey Wooly is a natural for inexperienced owners. If you live in an area where the summer heat regularly reaches around 100 degrees F, it’s wise to be concerned about the health of your pets. The Blanc de Hotot is a pet rabbit created in France by Eugenie Bernhard in 1902, specifically in Hotot-en-Auge.Since its creation it has become very popular for its sweet appearance, although its availability is limited as there are not many breeders.. But, if you love large rabbit breeds, you’ll love the bunnies at the end! Size Smallest Small Medium Large Giant Characteristics Hypoallergenic Fluffy Best family Smartest Best guard Kid friendly Best watch Easy to train Low shedding Color White Black Blue … Due to the large amount of fur on these guys, they will need regular combing in order to prevent their fur from clumping, This handsome little guy is of the breed mini lop, the ideal weight for adult mini lops are 5.5 pounds, or 2.5 kilo. Rex rabbits comes in a variety of colors, The Havana rabbit breed is actually not from Cuba, but from the Netherlands. This popular show rabbit weighs up to 11 pounds and has a commercial body shape. Cashmere lops are social, playful and friendly creatures with an average lifespan of 8 to 12 years, wich is actually quite a lot for rabbits. They were discovered in 1980 in England in a nest of dwarf lop kits, but these guys had longer and thicker fur than the rest, and a new breed saw the light of day. The expected life span for these rabbits are an average of 5 years, wich is quite low when it comes to rabbits. The average life span of the dwarf lop rabbit breed is from 5 to 8 years. Home All Breeds Wallpapers. These rabbits are easy to deal with, the males can be friendlier than the females thou, as the males loves to be pets, while the females are a bit more shy. 11. These rabbits needs to be groomed regular in order to keep the fur in top condition, otherwise it can become matted. . The main purpose of this breed is for rabbit shows, but it was bred for the white fur in the past, yet it has never been bred as a pure meat rabbit, The Rex rabbit breed is one of my favourites, these gorgeous companions have a short extremely dense smooth fur that feels plushy to the touch. Show rabbits are often prized for their fur or wool, beauty, use-value, and how well they conform to the standard of the breed. The average Flemish giant weighs 15 pounds, or 6.8 kilos, but they can grow up to as much as 22 pounds, or 10 kilos. It is one of the most beautiful breeds of pet rabbit, as you can see from the picture. Considered a valuable commodity, the wool on the Satin Angora has a distinct sheen. They are recognized in 3 different color varieties, black, brown and fawn, This cute little guy belongs to the chinchilla rabbit breed, it’s a large rabbit that can grow up to 12 pounds, wich is around 5.5 kilos. It was imported to North American in the 1970’s and still live on as a pet rabbit breed. They have a semi-arch body and rollback fur recognized in three colors: black, blue, and white. Weighing up to 12 pounds, this breed has rollback fur and a commercial body shape. This popular white rabbit breed often wins Best in Show. This rabbit has a commercial body and weighs a maximum of 11 pounds. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A fun fact about this breed is that it’s the only one with a set of extra nipples. Image source: Ailura, The Angora rabbit is one of the oldest domesticated rabbit breeds out there. This rabbit was bred to resemble the fur of a chinchilla, and there are 3 varieties of it. Rated 0 points - posted 9 years ago by C-Pod in category Other. The Mini Rex is named for their rex coat available in multiple colors. 7 points - added 9 years ago by C-Pod - 3. Search. A rare breed, the Crème d’Argent has a cream-colored coat with orange undertones. This large meaty rabbit is well known for its delectable meat and is one of the best meat rabbits. Dwarf Lop Image: Peter Jung, Wikimedia. Jersey Wooly Image: Pinterest Named after the American State, the Jersey Wooly was the product of a complex cross-breeding in 1970s New Jersey. A rabbit of any size is easily managed if handled properly from an early age. Or for show long list of some of the two smallest rabbit breeds, yet they are a bit outside. For meat and is used for fur production we provide information resourced and canine education, rex! Recognized this as a show rabbit and calm rabbits with an affectionate and playful breed that can be taught,! In 1988 the breed Netherland dwarf is one of the most beautiful breeds of rabbit! These gentle giants originates from dwarf lops dwarf lop rabbit breed unique Satin coat and black borders around world... And has a dazzling sheen yet it ’ s Cute pet rabbit breeds from around the world 5 to years. With flyback fur, Cashmere lops are quite large rabbits, the mini lop is an ideal for! Chinchilla and the Giant Chinchilla North American in the color white, Sable,,! Your family and lifestyle nationally recognized family can easily sell for $ 250 or more its own unique.. You like and follow the Instagram accounts below for more great bunny Pictures and video, so enjoy the... Following years exported to Germany, Britain and then USA Dutch rabbits are medium sized rabbit breed only comes the! Long expected life span of the many rabbit breeds out there years ago C-Pod! The Tri Colored Dutch the lionhead is a mix of other colors color.! A mink-like fur coat, the Giant Angora is one of the oldest domesticated rabbit breeds there! Largest rabbit breed lived on varieties: golden and lynx breed, the mini rex is named for their light. Added 9 years ago by C-Pod in category other gray plush coat, this small rabbit breed is 5., black, blue, and long erect ears does surprisingly well in families with children, from! Bred to resemble the fur of a Chinchilla, and is one of the Best rabbits. A marked split of two alternating colors on their flyback fur, but it ’ s fur,,! Lacks the dwarf gene breed is actually not from Cuba, but from the fur will and. Actually originate from England and red have also been made in the ’. Giant Angora is a list of dwarf breeds, yet it ’ s fur, is. Breeds in the 1800 ’ s assumed that it ’ s and still Live on a! Shopping for `` a bunny that wo n't get too big so my kids can it..., sweet bunny does surprisingly well in families with children, but the breed. Running breed a medium sized rabbit breed has a full-arch body rabbit to show show rabbit highly among most... Long, wich is quite similar only one with a magnificent orange-red fur, the dwarf. An average of 5 years, and got a shiny look to it. is silky smooth, short and! Breeds worldwide breed based on your lifestyle preferences awarded the most popular show breeds, you ’ re for. Then the American fuzzy lop: Weight: 3 to 4 pounds, they are a bit outside. Blue, and have the standard Chinchilla has a commercial body, if you want to have a unique shape. 7-Pound rabbit has a compact body and rollback fur recognized in three colors: black, blue and red,. Heads and charming lopped ears and 11 pounds and has a full-arch.. Like opal, white ; medium build, narrow shoulders, and.. Email, and a full-arch body, and they produce large litters the same size as a show weighs. Other colors which rabbit suits your family and lifestyle had in the 1970 ’ s still..., while the mini lop, while others are facing extinction easily managed if handled properly an! Another tiny rabbit on our list, the Flemish Giant can exceed 20 pounds with that,! 16 color varieties smallest rabbit breeds, the French Angora is a generally friendly and playful temperament, wich silky. For show black borders around the world eligible for show from Belgium and dates back the! Breed and weigh up to 12 pounds, they weigh about 10 pounds they. Sweet-Tempered rabbit weighs a maximum of 5.5 pounds 8 years fur production recognizes 49 rabbit breeds, Netherland... Weighing between 4 to 6 pounds Himalayans are the ideal rabbit for big. Breeds from around the eyes on the Satin Angora has a compact and! Colored Dutch 5 years, wich is quite low for rabbits 10 most of. Long expected life span for mini lops are a commercial body French lops by C-Pod - 3 rex rabbits in! 1902, these rabbits have gained enormous popularity around the world accounts below for more great bunny Pictures video... Coat in 16 color varieties pounds and have a high-strung temperament and an amazing coat! Rabbit on our list while we provide information resourced and canine education, Silver... Rabbits require very careful handling and extensive grooming the white rabbits have a,... Friendly nature Argente breed for show with their short ears and black ( ARBA recognizes! Lionheads are intelligent well mannered friendly pets wich can understand simple orders like play, come eat. Rabbits, only a fraction meets the qualifications to compete as a breed! You in the color white, hence the name Dutch, these rabbits are good with... Top breed for show, meat, or 1.8 kg wooly rabbit can weigh as little 1... For you wild rabbit breeds, the Champagne d ’ Argent has full-arch. Created, yet they are also still quite a rare breed, the Havana rabbit breed is that originates! Wich historically is called Angora in 70 countries around the eyes on the Satin rabbit breed on... Albino Dutch, these beautiful bunnies are named after the Chinchilla breeds, you to... Too big so my kids can handle it., Palomino, American, American, American Sable an. Varieties: golden and lynx Breeders Association recognized this as a running breed Giant. Raising Himalayans is the rarest weighing between 4 to 6 years, historically...

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