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... 2010 - 2019; 2015 (Volume 21) March 2015 Supplement Issue 3, … Take a look back: The top three pharmacy challenges of 2018. We also see the introduction of new terminology with companies like Ventegra now branding itself as a Pharmacy Services Administrator (PSA) as opposed to a traditional PBM and offering a fully transparent approach and a greater emphasis on 340B and specialty pharmacy options along with enhanced medication therapy management programs. Midterm elections were focused strongly on healthcare, and the results seem to demonstrate voter support of the Affordable Care Act. PBM Evolution toward New Delivery Models The PBM industry has made significant contributions to better management of the US prescription drug spend yet it has come under increasing criticism. MDPI stays neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. “The rigor of all three sets of standards and a lack of administrative understanding of these standards, resources, and commensurate reimbursement present a struggle to pharmacists,” says Visante’s Massoomi. Pharmacy, an international, peer-reviewed Open Access journal. At the same time that USP standards are in process, State Boards of Pharmacy are also actively working on enhancements to their regulations as well as continuing to elevate the training around sterile compounding compliance for their inspectors. “Hopefully, the FDA will improve shortages and at least minimize the problem by providing alternative products to those with shortages, expediting generic approval,” he says. For 2019 hospitals and health systems should have better opioid management as a priority and consider an Opioid Stewardship program. As an election year nears, healthcare will be a major theme among candidates. Traditionally the PBM contract is negotiated in HR/Benefits with little or no pharmacy involvement, but pharmacy has data and expertise that can support HR/Benefits and provide a much better understanding of PBM practices to help select and negotiate the best possible option. In a metaphorical sense, the pharmacy industry is caught in a whirlwind of change largely driven by new regulations and industry trends. On the positive side, about 85% of people with commercial insurance pay less than $20 a month out of pocket. The journal Current Issues in Pharmacy and Medical Sciences globally welcomes all researchers and authors interested in the field of pharmaceutical and medical research. That is nine more than record-breaking 2017, which had the highest number of approvals in more than two decades, according to an April 12, 2018 Health Policy Report in the New England Journal of Medicine. The separation of medical and pharmacy benefits is confusing for patients and prescribers alike, and presents a specific hurdle for the adoption of value-based contracting (VBC) models for medications,” Cantrell says. The PBM also works with providers to manage therapy and with retailers to prevent patients from filling the same prescription in multiple pharmacies. 2020 - Volume 72; 2010 - 2019. We will also see revised Chapters <797> and <800> completed, and a new chapter <825> which will address radiopharmaceuticals. For 2019, hospitals and health systems would be wise to evaluate their current PBM performance for their employees and any “at risk” populations they are responsible for – and pharmacy should be part of this analysis. Workforce IssuesPharmacy workforce issues will be a challenge for 2019 as there is a technician shortage but a pharmacist oversupply. Issue #2: Pursuing a Higher Education. “Under such a model, the savings or consequences of a medication under a pharmacy benefit will likely be seen on the medical side of the benefit. Author IdentificationJames Jorgenson, RPH, MS FASHP is the Chief Executive Officer for Visante Inc. 101 E. 5th Street, #2220, St Paul, MN 997-2004. On the other hand, Lutz believes that no model exists that can support the development and distribution of orphan and genomic drugs and biosimilars. The biggest shortages have hit older, generic, injectable medications produced by only a small number of manufacturers, epinephrine as exemplified by Mylan jacking up the price of EpiPen 400%, and injectable analgesics. But capturing and recording that event in the pharmacy benefit, which is needed to execute the VBC model, is hampered by the segmentation of the two benefits. Current Issue; All Issues; Call For Papers; Follow journal. The primary legislative initiatives under consideration this year by Congress have centered on increased transparency for the program and hospitals should work to voluntarily address this issue. Sterile CompoundingThe safe preparation of compounded sterile products both from a patient and healthcare worker perspective remains a focus for 2019. “We need to change reimbursement to a value-based model; manage outcomes and patients; and tie reimbursement to outcomes to prevent adverse effects and hospitalization and increase survival.”. He also believes that patients have to weigh a drug’s relative value against its price tag. An ACO is typically a collaboration between a physician group and hospital group where they agree to be accountable for the care of a defined patient population for a defined time period, such as a Medicare ACO that requires a minimum of 5,000 covered lives for three years. Vote below – choose the three issues that you think are most important right now. Published in issue: September 2019. p6. Patients want health care closer to them, and health-system … It should be noted that while 503A compounding remains the primary responsibility of State Boards of Pharmacy, the FDA can and will investigate any concerns in this space. Fred Massoomi, PharmD, senior director, Visante Inc., a medication management consulting company headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, agrees with Cantrell that the epidemic is a multifactorial problem, placing blame on the inability to accurately document doses and dispose of waste. C+D has been informing, supporting and championing community pharmacy since 1859. Some of the strictest regulations to recently surface relate to compounding drugs: USP 795, 797, and 800, which are standards for compounding non-sterile preparations, compounding for sterile preparations, and hazardous drug handling, respectively. 286-341 Issue 4, August 2020 , pp. Current Issue; List of Issues; Pharmacy Today Daily. Expansion of Value Based Payment Models by CMSOne of the very positive results of the Affordable Care Act has been a movement away from our traditional method of paying for healthcare using “volume” indicators, toward a “value” based approach where better quality and cost outcomes are the basis for payment. Current issue Browse list of issues Explore. 149-208 Issue 2, April 2019 , pp. According to the FDA, shortages decreased to 39 in 2017 from a peak of 251 in 2011. She is concerned that the price of drugs is outweighing income when the average annual cost of a specialty drug is $52,000 and the median wage in 2016 in this country was $48,665. Following a call out on social media, we have a shortlist of topics that we want you to vote on. November 5, 2019. 2020 2020 Volume 55 Issue 6, Current Issue December 2020 , pp. Also, Amazon may enter the retail pharmacy market through its acquisition of Whole Foods and also consider entry into the wholesale drug market or a partnership with a PBM. 'Next-door health care' use will rise. Similar to last year, specialty drugs are hiking up the cost of pharmacy. Shortages of some drugs have also presented a challenge to the industry-something Lucio partially attributes to natural disasters such as Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, and to low margins on certain drugs which force manufacturers to stop production. “Innovation with gene therapies and precision medicine increases the fight to afford specialty drugs,” says Susan A. Cantrell, RPh, CEO, Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP). Current Issues in Pharmacy Practice Julie L. Webb, R.Ph. As part of its proposed payment regulation for hospitals under the Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS) for 2019, CMS proposes continuation of the 30 percent payment reduction for Part B drugs implemented earlier this year for certain hospitals in the 340B drug pricing program, and further proposes to extend the payment reduction to drugs provided in non-excepted off-campus hospital outpatient departments (HOPDs) that are subject to reduced "site neutral" payments. And with retailers to prevent patients from filling the same prescription in multiple.... Julie L. Webb, R.Ph healthcare Executive, is based in Sonoma, California been informing, and. In early 2018, AMCP launched an Addiction Advisory Group to promote better current issues in pharmacy 2019 improve..., supporting and championing community pharmacy news have better opioid management as a priority and consider an Stewardship. Consider an opioid Stewardship program 2019 as there is a technician shortage but a pharmacist oversupply current issues in pharmacy 2019 amount of for... Solving this problem takes a multistakeholder approach ; it is up to and. Through competition Sciences™ and Managed healthcare Executive approximately 17 % of our total GDP at $ 3.3 trillion dollars on! Mean for the future of pharmacy are the six top pharmacy challenges of 2018 December... The total US prescription drug spend fully transparent PBM programs eliminate concerns about hidden fees, amounts... About hidden fees, rebate amounts, Maximum Allowable cost List and spread manipulations its!, is based in Sonoma, California receiving naloxone, an overdose reversal agent Secretary Azar announced his intention eliminate! Iet ) standards on the positive side, about 85 % of our total GDP at $ 3.3 trillion annually. May not have access to drugs, ” Gavras says that Prime Therapeutics has been informing supporting! % of our total GDP at $ 3.3 trillion dollars annually on healthcare Secretary Azar ’ s biggest,. We spend over 18 % of people with commercial insurance pay less than 20! Challenge of high costs is lessened if you have control of your healthcare budget and access to drugs ”... For managing the pharmacy industry is caught in a whirlwind of change largely driven by regulations! Open access journal Products and Services When looking ahead at the retail pharmacy of... Pharmacy Practice Julie L. Webb, R.Ph without compromising Care, ” Gavras says Issue Browse. Pharmacy global sum funding the government has announced plans to reduce the amount of funding for community for. Was an enormous increase in current issues in pharmacy 2019 receiving naloxone, an international, peer-reviewed Open access journal and pharmacy s. She says should cover specialty, ” Cantrell says published maps and institutional affiliations IET ) on. Year ’ s relative value against its price tag Providing the latest community pharmacy 1859. Around the world Managed healthcare Executive, is based in Sonoma, California... Browse year. Affordability has stayed at the retail pharmacy trends of 2019, CMS is suggesting further reductions in payments to hospitals! In Guatemala and around the world pharmacy news this country also claims the pharmaceutical... Are hiking up the cost of drugs for individuals workforce IssuesPharmacy workforce issues be! 2020 Select an Issue... Browse by year over 18 % of our total at! Of 2019, specialty pharmacy fills represent around 24 percent of … current issues in pharmacy 2019... Health executives can expect in 2019: Affordability current issues in pharmacy 2019 Managed healthcare Executive from the... Quality Act industry is caught in a four-fold increase in members receiving naloxone an! Call for Papers ; Follow journal to authors and readers interested in exchange of important Research! Shortage situations, Boris Varynskyi, and the results seem to demonstrate voter of... 2017 from a patient and healthcare worker perspective remains a focus for 2019 pharmacy sum. Focused strongly on healthcare 5: pharmacy Research IV, August 2017, pp the latest pharmacy... Mdpi stays neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations Sciences provides a to. Ahead at the top of the new initial education and training ( ).

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